Jailbird Blues Volume 1

by Caged Bird Sounds

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released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Caged Bird Sounds New Jersey

Putting it together,
to help take it apart

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Track Name: A City Sorrow Built - Duka-Cita
Fading away without you
I never thought I could carry on
in searching for a way back home
That never was, that never was

I’m sorry it took me so long
It’s only fair that you chose to walk away
I’m sorry I was a damaged son
I lost you all in the wake of those awful days
They say that “love never runs on time”
But I hope you’ll be happy with your hours in the sun
I’m sorry it took me so long
Truth be told I loved you all, all along
I’m sorry it took me so long
Truth be told I miss you, I miss you all

I’m sorry it took me so long
It’s unfair that you came to fade away
I’m sorry I was a damaged son
I lost my voice in the wake of those fateful days
They say “the darkest hour is right before the dawn”
I hope you were happy surrounded by the people you adore
I’m sorry it took me so long
I hope you know I truly loved you, all along
I’m sorry it took me so long
I hope you know I miss you, I miss you so

I’m glad the fire scorched with you
The charcoal on the floors, and the smoke soon follows
The scent of burnt flesh and burnt hearts
a grey sky sets your final flight

I’m glad how the wind still blows
at the sand at my feet while the waves seem to sigh
My pounding heart as we set out to sea
I’ve never been so shaken with grief

I’m glad the water took you in
Swallowing the memories as your ashes sink
Our hearts lay in tatters, tears in our eyes
as your last song gently whispers

I’m glad I came home that day
November 25th, went by for the most of us
A year on by and I’m still so so so sorry
I’m sorry I never said that I love you, I love you so

Forever escaping
Memories in transient
Our bodies lay hostage
In the melody of love
Forever undone
Memories in eclipse
Our bodies lay broken
In the melody of loss
In the melody of hope

Step by step, I’ll find my way back to you
Then step by step I’ll lose myself in you again
Track Name: Baudelaire - Problemática del abandono
Ando con un gato amarrado entre mis piernas
pidiéndome auxilio a cada paso
pero no se asombren
no se asusten
que soy como todos ustedes

pierdo el tiempo, pensando en quienes me olvidaron
se me acumulan los días festivos
las navidades me parecen aburridas
debo asegurarme que al cerrar la puerta
no le romperé el dedo a nadie.
Track Name: Capacities - Animatic
Shrugging off disaster is now common practice. Scratching our heads with the answers at our feet. Tragedy wields impassivity wields complacency wields normalcy. Semi-automatic apathy. We’re just simply pulling the trigger. There’s no scapegoat. We’ve accepted that human life is disposable.
Track Name: Crows-An-Wra - Shroud
like the turin shroud fails to fade it's good that we never met at the right time
monsters dont lay under your bed but they dwell in your head
and with the harsh realisation that life will never be the same again.
you turn to yourself for an answer but no reply will be heard.
monsters dont lie under your bed they dwell in your head
monsters dont lie under your bed but they dwell in your head
(cover yourself in doubt and heartache)
Track Name: Ephemera - Darkness Within
I have become this empty shell since nothing is left of you anyway. Darkness has swept away but I still find myself at the bottom of a well. Broken and left with the taste of betrayal on my tongue.

I find myself at a wuthering height, watching over me, trying not to fall down. As I'm seeing myself stuck in a routine of repeating the same mistake and now desperately trying to tell myself to just stop.

Enacting lies on daily basis, forgetting what is right, what is wrong.
Someone, someone, give me a heart that won't need beating
I need to save me from myself
I wish there was time to reacts
Track Name: Heaps Keen - Wrasslin
I've got my .22, out, cocked, and ready for you
cause mirrors never made me feel safe
and I'm finally done with giving up on you
the last straw was last night and the last time I ever want too
it's time, I admit, I'm not safe from you
self sabotage and segregation, out of self induced frustration

unique, I know
but it's true
and I hate that too

put back my .22 at the thought of losing for you
cause I've been scared of ghosts
and my advice to you, have another talk, with my bathroom
cause the last time I thought of you, I tried too

unique I know
but it's true
and the realization, is tough to chew

I'll try another talk, with my bathroom
cause the last time I tried, the desk told me not too

and I know what I've said, is enough proof

I'm not safe from you.
Track Name: Heart On My Sleeve - In The Beauty Of It All
He opens his eyes to the sound of snow melting, a tapping sound of water falling to the ground. The sun creates a halo above the trees and he recollects a jesus status he saw as a child. He lies there in the beauty of it all, trying to stay in that moment. Eventually he will feel the cold from the wet ground. Soon he will feel the rumbeling in his empty stomach.

Before long he will have to swallow his pride and ask people for money, with his hand stretched out.

But for now, he will just lie there, in the beauty of it all. Forgetting all the ugliness that life has thrown at him. Ignoring the glares from people walking by. Disdaining the pointing fingers from passive bystanders. Trying to dismiss the sore back that years on the ground has caused him. He just wants to lie there, in this moment, in the beauty of it all. He was a person once with hopes and dreams for the future. Now he can´t even remember who that person was anymore. He sits on the sidewalk, hand outstretched, an emptiness in his eyes. You walk on by but keep your eyes on the sky.

You see him but you pretend that you don´t.
You wish he wasn´t there but he is, and you see him.
You know he is there but soon you´ll be in the safety of your home and you will have forgotten all about him. Outside he struggles with the cold hurting his limbs but that´s not your problem, that is the beauty of it all. That is the beauty of being privileged, that is the beauty of being you. Ignorance is bliss.
It could have been you, it could have been me, in this moment, in the beauty of it all. In the beauty of it all.
Track Name: HOLY - In The Dirt
Walk the same mile everyday
Barefoot in the dirt
Ready to die, everyday
until you die and then die and die again

War has been declared
was has begun
war will never end

Let the poor kill the poor
Let the poor eat the poor
Track Name: J Ū N O - Broken Son
It was such a tragic moment
The loss of my best friend
But I swear I’ve done my best
To make you smile and keep you safe

As your life became so awful, when your parents separated
And your heart’s been torn apart, I was trying to be there
I remember that cold winter day on December 1994
We were playing together in your basement,
Like we’ve always done before
And suddenly we heard your mother's cries in the living room
Then your father slammed the door without turning back
you knew that he would not be coming back

In that moment, I didn’t get the meaning of her cries
And the reason why he left but when I saw your face,
I started to realize that soon you would move from this place
And our friendship would never be the same
That day I lost my friend

That day you lost your family with that perfect happiness
That day I felt so lonely because we’ll never meet again
I know that every winter sadness still remains, and I’ll remember
As the first snowflakes fall on our hometown
That you and I used to be friends
The good moments that we have spent
We laughed, we cried, we hoped and dreamed
But everything has to end up against our will
We made a promise to ourselves that one day
Our paths would cross again

Two days later,
When your mom packed the last few things from your house
I saw you escaping from the window of this sinful home,
I saw you running faster
Like you didn’t want to miss a new departure

The more that we love, no matter who we are
We have to expect to destroy someone else
Track Name: MASSA NERA - Hatsuyuki
Eyes filled with
nothing more than dark thoughts.
To blind my eyes and
traumatize my mind.
Hands torn,
face disguised with lies.
Face on the mirror,
who should I be today?

I don't know what I'm doing,
or where I'm trying to go,
and all I know
is that I won't be missed.

Me encantaría aprovechar de tu piel.
Destruirme y ayúd ame a recordar que mi alma
es todavía frágil como una flor

Lo esto y intentando
A enterrar pensamientos
Mi cabeza dando vueltas pued
es mantenerme constante

Disregarded by many
Ridiculed by the rest

Head weighed down
Thoughts in the gutter

Stirs my gut and soul,
that I still feel alone
Track Name: Nepugia - Copiapó 26-10-1993
Sútil, se prende el fuego
Un parpadear y todo es negro
Mi inocencia se carboniza
Este hogar está en ruinas

¿En qué pensabas cuando prendiste esa llama que acabó con un nosotros y nos dejó con este odio?

Aún en mis heridas
Se pueden ver cenizas
Track Name: Nine of Swords - Violence
i never bothered with trying to win
you use your fists
i use common sense
i'll never be a part of the shit you're in
you use your fists
i use my common sense

if i'm not your baby
or your bro
then are we enemies?

is this how you determine my identity?
fuck this
i'd rather be nothing

i'd rather be nothing
i'd rather be nothing

i'm happy to be nothing
if it means more distance
from some tool
who has no common sense
Track Name: Nionde Plågan - Revolt
Från en solstol i trädgården är det svårt att förstå.
Från däcket på en yacht är det svårt att förstå.
Bakom ratten i en Audi är det svårt att förstå.
Ovanför smutsen är det jävligt svårt att förstå.
Elden är lös! Det är svårt att förstå!
Revolt! Det är svårt att förstå:

Att segregation föder frustration.
Att bristen på mening drar ner din ambition.
Att utanförskap släcker ut allt hopp.
Känslan när din hudfärg alltid sätter stopp.

Med fast jobb och villa är det svårt att förstå.
Med vinglaset i hand är det svårt att förstå.
Med stöttande föräldrar är det svårt att förstå.
Med en framtid att riskera är det jävligt svårt att förstå.
Elden är lös! Det är svårt att förstå!
Revolt! Det är svårt att förstå:

Att segregation föder frustration.
Att bristen på mening drar ner din ambition.
Att utanförskap släcker ut allt hopp.
Känslan när din hudfärg alltid sätter stopp.

Det är svårt att förstå, när en inte vågar förstå.
Det är svårt att förstå, när en inte vill förstå.

Det är svårt att förstå, när en inte vågar förstå.
Revolt - Elden är lös!
Det är svårt att förstå, när en inte vill förstå.
Revolt – Elden är lös!
Track Name: Øjne - Da Qualche Parte, Nel Momento Giusto
E se dovessi ricominciare da zero?
E se dovessi cancellare tutto?
Potrò ancora dire "ho ancora i miei amici,
i miei dischi, i biglietti del treno"?

Per quanto tempo potrò avere la mente piena
di ciminiere e vecchi palazzi
prima che il suo sguardo incendiario
faccia piazza pulita dei miei ricordi,
e quante luci dovrò accendere,
in quanti vetri specchiarmi
prima che anche questo posto
mi sia familiare?

Ma ci vuole più tempo
per nasconder le cose
che non vanno più bene
che per trovarne di nuove.

Ogni notte, spenta la luce,
non resta che il peso
del sarcasmo in cui annego,
come se tu e tutti gli altri
fossero solo dei nomi
scritti su un braccio.

E ogni mattina almeno per un attimo
quel peso è un ricordo lontano,
e se questo attimo diventasse un giorno,
se ogni giorno fosse lungo un anno
forse sarebbe ancora come quando
l'unica preoccupazione era non scivolare sul ghiaccio,
ricordarsi le chiavi e i vestiti pesanti.
Qualcosa che avrei dovuto scrivere
da qualche parte, nel momento giusto:
se la lancetta si fosse fermata
nel punto tra l'undici e il dodici
sarei stato contento così.

Ma il tempo è passato in fretta
e se dovessi cancellare tutto,
proverei quantomeno a tenere
questi biglietti sbiaditi dei treni,
tutti scaduti da anni.
Fingerei che valgono ancora,
che non prenderei una multa,
che al capolinea ci sia qualcuno
in piedi ad aspettarmi,
incurante del freddo e dei ritardi.



What if I had to start from scratch?
What if I had to erase everything?
Will I still be able to say "I still have my friends,
my records, these train tickets"?

For how long will I be able to keep my mind full
of chimneys and old buildings
before their incendiary eyes
will sweep away all of my memories,
and how many lights will I have to turn on,
in how many glasses will I have to see my reflection,
before this place
will become familiar too?

But it takes more
to hide things
that are no longer good
than finding new ones.

Every night, when the light is turned off,
nothing remains but the burden
of the sarcasm in which I drown,
as if you and everyone else
were all just names
written over an arm.

And every morning, even if just for a moment,
that burden is a distant memory,
and if this moment could become a day,
if every day was a year long,
maybe it would still be the same as when
the only concern was not to slip on the ice
and not forgetting the keys and the warm clothes.
Something I should have written
somewhere, at the right time:
if the clock had stopped
right between eleven and twelve
I would have been happy with it.

But time went fast
and if I had to erase everything
I would at least try and keep
these faded train tickets,
all expired years ago.
I'd pretend that they're still valid,
that I wouldn't get a fine,
that at the last stop there would be someone
waiting for me,
regardless of the cold and of the delays.
Track Name: Suicide Notes In Crayon - I Like Suffering
It's time that my heart's atrophied
and I don't mean to disappear
But things have been disillusioned and I've seen the cavity
A chest like an empty vessel
To show there's nothing there for me
Maybe I'll stick around
I guess I like the suffering
and the sullen state it brings.
Track Name: Surmoi - Nur Deinetwegen
Es ist 3 Uhr nachts, ich kann nicht schlafen
Gedanken plagen meinen Kopf.
Ich denk an dich, was mit dir war,
Und an all die Dinge die wir uns geschworen haben.
Der Raum ist leer und von Dunkelheit erfüllt
Kann nicht sprechen, kann nicht atmen, kann nicht sein.
Denn jede Nacht seitdem du nicht mehr bist scheint im nichts verflossen zu sein.

Zwischen all den Feldern
in denen nichts als
Unkraut gedeiht.
Wächst eine Blume
und ich zog an ihr
bis die Wurzeln nachgaben

Nun habe ich gefunden,
was ich schon solange vermisst habe
Aber ich weiß

sag mir es ist falsch
ich sag mir es ist falsch
wir sind an einem Punkt angekommen
an dem wir nicht mehr zurück können
an dem es auch kein Neubeginn gibt.

Nur deinetwegen
Konnte ich so lange nicht einschlafen
Und wenn, dann träumte ich davon, im Meer zu ertrinken,
nach der Küste sehend, wo ich mich ausruhen kann
nach der Küste sehend, wo ich mich ausruhen kann
Track Name: Totem Skin - Pretend
A boot stamping on a face sets the scene
for reality openly obscene
Taught not to question the roles we are granted
quelling urges of thoughts any grander
But I guess that it's hard to see
the horizon of a sullied sea
when ocean's stirred and the current wrecks
and shallow waters cover necks

A manufactured permanent consent
A vision in two definitions

Did Fuller's Spaceship Earth crash and burn?
Was Imagine just a song?
Can currents change their paths?

Withered voices given strength
After being kept at length
- For tacit credence cause the end -
And only then may we ascend

Only reaching far behind
leads to rigid state of mind
It's never-questioned validity
borders on morbidity

So don't look back but fix your eyes
towards wherever change may lie
A vision reborn is means to end
But as of now we just pretend
Track Name: Trachimbrod - Through The Wall, Floor and More
They do not realize
They do not realize
They got fear in their eyes
They got fear in their eyes

Trying to live as fast
As my head allows me to,
I know I should sleep and so should you

This wont end well cus my
Lack of will to see solutions
Makes my body fear conclutions

Help me, somebody to
Waste my time on something else than
Trying to keep up my health

Help me, somebody to
Gather faith and gather hope
This so called life rolls down the slope

We are to anxious to believe
It is too hard for us to see X2

Now calm down
Calm down X2

I’ve been waiting for this
I’ve been waiting for this
I’ve been waiting for this for all my life

(Why can’t I, why can’t I, why can’t I compromise?)
Track Name: Улыбайся Ветру - Смерть Прометея
[Смерть Прометея]
Слишком холодно стало здесь. Разорвав полог из звезд стать счастливее, но не здесь; получить все ответы.
Мы на земле, солнце в руках не освещает дорогу во тьме.
Рассвет пробирает до костей, выжигает наши души дотла.
Кем мы станем на заре? Кем мы станем когда последний пророк умрет? Ветром или пеплом?

[Death of the Prometheus]
It became too cold in here. Worming through the canopy made of stars, becoming happier but not in here, getting all the answers.
We are on the ground, the sun in our hands cannot illuminate the path in the darkness.
The dawn is chilling to the bone, burns our souls to dust.
Who will we become at the reveille? Who will we become when the last prophet passes away? The wind or the ashes?
Track Name: Callow - Bildungsroman
Led by our imaginations, there was never a set destination. We etched our names into concrete, forever cementing a part of our identities. I sometimes reminisce about the past, when creativity was within our fingertips. Do you? With unknown intentions, they came at our throats to ring out our voices. We’ve been stripped of the colors that once made us shine. They have molded us to live black and white lives.