Heart On My Sleeve - In The Beauty Of It All

from by Caged Bird Sounds



He opens his eyes to the sound of snow melting, a tapping sound of water falling to the ground. The sun creates a halo above the trees and he recollects a jesus status he saw as a child. He lies there in the beauty of it all, trying to stay in that moment. Eventually he will feel the cold from the wet ground. Soon he will feel the rumbeling in his empty stomach.

Before long he will have to swallow his pride and ask people for money, with his hand stretched out.

But for now, he will just lie there, in the beauty of it all. Forgetting all the ugliness that life has thrown at him. Ignoring the glares from people walking by. Disdaining the pointing fingers from passive bystanders. Trying to dismiss the sore back that years on the ground has caused him. He just wants to lie there, in this moment, in the beauty of it all. He was a person once with hopes and dreams for the future. Now he can´t even remember who that person was anymore. He sits on the sidewalk, hand outstretched, an emptiness in his eyes. You walk on by but keep your eyes on the sky.

You see him but you pretend that you don´t.
You wish he wasn´t there but he is, and you see him.
You know he is there but soon you´ll be in the safety of your home and you will have forgotten all about him. Outside he struggles with the cold hurting his limbs but that´s not your problem, that is the beauty of it all. That is the beauty of being privileged, that is the beauty of being you. Ignorance is bliss.
It could have been you, it could have been me, in this moment, in the beauty of it all. In the beauty of it all.


from Jailbird Blues Volume 1, released November 3, 2016



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